While everyone else was leaving home to “chase their passions,” I was wrapping up my hockey career, starting my own eCommerce company, paying my way through school, and putting food on the table for my family.

I was not a privileged kid who took the typical Ivy League undergrad > banking > buy-side > HBS/GSB path. No, I took a different route to Silicon Valley—I didn’t arrive here by private schools or parent-funded tuition.

I’m a self-made man, which accounts for the permanent chip on my shoulder. The experiences I went through growing up pushed me, all the while reminding me not to lose my humanity.

The challenges we face make us stronger. They show us we are more capable than we ever thought possible.

Adversity has driven me to look at the world differently. Having clawed away for everything I have, I’ve come to expect the occasional bump in the road—yet I know I have what it takes to make it.

My mom was a brilliant engineer-turned-unemployed single mother. From an early age, I saw how tough, resilient, dedicated, and talented women can be—and how far too often, society has missed the mark in this regard.

It is time to right those wrongs.

I’m different. My contrarian path helps me see the world from a unique perspective, and tackle problems more effectively while striving to impact others. I value my tenacity and enjoy proving others wrong.

And I love helping others do the same.


Sustainability matters to me. It drives me, inspires me. It is part of who I am.

It’s in my blood.

I met my wife in business school, when the investment banking cohort partnered with sustainability students on a joint project. We worked with Hamdi Ulukaya—the founder of Chobani—to help advance his business and enhance its sustainable footprint. While I was there, I also built my own prefab home, which had a markedly low environmental impact.

I’m an entrepreneur, a technologist, a startup advisor, an investment banker, and an athlete. I love all things at the intersection of consumer technology, finance, and health & wellness. Most importantly, I’m interested in products and technologies that disrupt stagnant industries.

I’m especially excited by innovations that make it easier to be healthy.

Most mornings, I wake up to maca root and vitamins, drink an OWYN protein shake, go the gym, come home, and put together a recovery smoothie composed of Vega Protein and Ripple Milk. That’s my daily routine. I’ll also throw back a BioSteel drink during longer workouts.

I eat three meals a day—all cooked from scratch—and snack on my NatureBox subscription every few hours. In addition, I enjoy brands such as YES Bar, Perfect Bar, Square Organics, Elemental Superfood, Navitas Naturals, and many others. I’m obsessive about what I put into my body, and excited about the broad range of companies that encourage healthy living. Already, Instacart helps quite a bit.

My passion and purpose? They stem from the way I was raised—from growing up as a hockey player in Canada, and having to take care of my body with proper nutrition and exercise.

They come from having a mom who cooked our meals from scratch.

In addition, my passion and purpose come from opening my eyes in business school—specifically in the institution’s top-ranked sustainability program.

I likely hold the record for largest customer lifetime value in the consumer tech sector. In this space, I represent most disrupters’ target market. I know which products and companies will win, why they’ll win, and I also understand the underlying factors at play. The industry is evolving, and I enjoy studying the driving forces behind the changes taking place.

In short, I have an eye for consumer businesses. I recognize those with truly disruptive offerings and business models—those with a purpose, that are also feasible from a profitability standpoint.

Let’s explore these businesses together.